Wild But True

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How can we build fuel-efficient vehicles, smarter homes and more aerodynamic planes? How can we help the blind to see? Whilst we search for these answers, striving to meet life’s many challenges, it seems humans are not the only ones – nature has also been doing it for the past 3.8 billion years. Humans are the new kids on the evolutionary block!

Discovery Kids’ brand new series Wild But True, hosted by Robert Irwin and Isabel Yamazaki shows how biomimicry - the imitation and application of nature’s systems, models, designs, or elements – has paved the way for technology and inspired many modern-day inventions.

Robert Irwin, our Wildlife Warrior and nature lover, teams up with Isabel Yamazaki, our resident scientist, to reveal how science has made mankind a true student of Mother Nature. In each episode, Robert and Isabel explore nature’s amazing solutions for problems in the wild and reveal how humans use these blueprints to make the world greener, safer, more efficient and more fun for future generations.

Join this dynamic duo for an adventure-filled journey across time, space, science and nature that can only be described as Wild But True.

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